The real book-lover’s guide to styling shelves

Imagine my surprise when I found that a search on Pinterest for bookshelf styling tips returned a lot of results for people whose primary use for bookshelves is not to store books: some pins didn't even include books in their pictures, while other pins offered impractical ideas like turning your books spine-inward so that you can't see what they are or ever find anything you want to find.

DIY kitchen renovation for under $800

You don't have to spend thousands remodeling your kitchen—DIY it for $800 or less

When you buy an older home, you learn to accept that you will have to pick and choose the projects that get done versus the projects that will need to wait. Money and time and skill level inevitably dictate how much remodeling you can actually accomplish. So when Alec and I bought our first home, … Continue reading DIY kitchen renovation for under $800

Hack your house’s charm with built-in Ikea bookcases

CoffeeCatDogKid | Hack your house's charm with built-in Ikea bookcases

Not everything is just how you want it when you buy a house—some of what you're looking for you might find, but some you don't. Kelsey and I absolutely wanted lots of storage for books in our house, and we both love how built-in bookcases look in those mid-century homes. Our little rambler, built in … Continue reading Hack your house’s charm with built-in Ikea bookcases