We’re Alec and Kelsey Down, and the four most important things in our lives are our coffee, our cat, our dog, and our kid.

If you ask whether they come in that exact order, we’ll just plead the fifth.


We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to not have it all together.

Don’t be deceived by the pretty blog and the pretty pictures and the pretty words—there’s a lot of mess in our lives. Lots of icky stuff. Like a dog that chews pens under the couch and a baby whose diaper we probably don’t change often enough.

We are proud parents to three babies: Charlie Louise (human), Albus Dumbledog (dog), and Bernie Sanders (cat).



We write about DIY projects, parenting, politics, and pretty much everything in between.

Follow us, or not. See if we care.

(We do care. We compete over page views. Kelsey is currently winning with our top-viewed post.)

Where to go from here:

When you have time, read about our oddball love story. Spoiler alert—we never really dated. #yolo!

If you want to read about home improvement, check out Alec’s latest DIY project.

More interested in our spiritual beliefs? This post offers some clarity.

But that’s just the beginning. Click around long enough and you’ll find a little bit of everything, from Alec’s experiences as an immigrant to Kelsey’s struggles with miscarriage to buying our first house.

We hope you will stick around with us for the journey.