How to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room

CoffeeCatDogKid | How to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room

Are you ready for some bedroom talk?

I’ve always skimped a bit on decorating my bedrooms. I buy the clearance rack bed-in-a-bag, then I call it good. But this time I wanted to do it right. I’m a home-owning, dog-and-cat-wrangling, soon-to-be-working-mom adult, and I deserve a place where I can shut the door on the world every now and then. A place where I can pull together some semblance of peace.

So when we bought this new house I insisted on just one thing (okay, I maybe insisted on a lot of things): I wanted a bedroom that felt like a luxury spa hotel.

Yes, I used those exact words. I said them so often that soon Alec memorized them and together we repeated them like a mantra whenever we went shopping for the master bedroom.

Believe it or not, you can’t just Google luxury spa hotel bedding and expect to magically stumble upon a set that strikes the right combination of affordable, pretty, and cozy. We combed through websites for weeks before finding a comforter that looked promising. When it finally arrived in the mail, though, we learned that looks can be deceiving. My Walmart college dorm bedding from three years ago was made from a softer material than this scratchy blanket we had splurged on.

So we shipped it back and started over. We spent more than five hours one evening bouncing from mall to mall, pulling bedspreads out of plastic cases to drape them over bed-shaped objects and examine them closely.

I worried aloud that I had set my expectations too high, that I had dreamt up impossible delusions about our master bedroom. Alec reassured me that we would make my fantasy a reality. He insisted that we not give up on my luxury-spa-hotel bedroom.

And eventually we found it all. The perfect duvet set, with fabric so soft that I don’t even mind using the old cliche that it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I thrill at the thought of going to bed each night because if I close my eyes I can imagine I’m laying in a hotel bed in a presidential suite in some glamorous foreign city. Or I can even keep my eyes open—because the rest of the room is so perfect too.

Before & After Master (1).png

4 easy ways YOU can make your bedroom feel like a hotel room

1. Give yourself permission to splurge. Okay, so what you can spend will vary depending on your particular circumstances. But if there’s one place in your house that you deserve the best, it’s in your bedroom. Allow yourself to go for pricier pieces than you might normally buy for other rooms, and try not to feel guilty about it.

2. Toss in extra throw pillows and blankets. High-end hotels always provide these in excess. They make your bed look more full. And here’s another little secret to avoid breaking the bank: the pillows you don’t sleep on can be cheap and uncomfortable, as long as they look nice. Reserve the expense for the pillow you will actually use.

3. Opt for soothing colors. In high school I painted my bedroom walls bright purple—think Barney-the-dinosaur purple. At the time I loved it; but there’s nothing calming about it. This time around, Alec and I chose a neutral gray paired with soft pink. You walk in and you feel like you can breathe.

4. Be smart about storage. By that I mean, don’t leave lots of stuff out just to take up space. Clutter can ruin your peace of mind. Pick a few nice pieces of decor, but aside from those try to keep everything on a shelf, in a drawer, or in some other designated spot.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Do yourself a favor and do what you have to do to make that happen.


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