The secret ingredients to making your house a home

CoffeeCatDogKid | The secret ingredients to making your house a home

Isn’t it funny how a few coats of paint (okay, maybe a few dozen all-told) and a few new pieces of furniture can turn a stranger’s old house into a home that feels like it’s always been yours?

Alec and I have lived here for about two months now. And although it felt right from the very first time our realtor brought us for a showing, I feel like we’ve reached a point when we’ve really made it ours. We spent a week painting, then we moved in and it was a month of boxes and paint cans and empty rooms. But now most of our urgent projects are complete and we’ve confined our collection of cardboard boxes to a single closet, and suddenly this place belongs to us.

Like I said before, the previous owners took wonderful care of this house, and they made a lot of important updates (new flooring, nice kitchen backsplash, and so on). But before we even found this house Alec and I had very specific ideas about the color scheme we wanted. So we took on the ambitious task of painting just about every square inch of wall. The office space remains unpainted but we intend to do that in the spring, and the back hallway is currently primed and awaiting a fresh coat.

The living spaces were the primary focus when we first got the keys. We wanted to make an impression on guests, and we also wanted the area where we’d spend most of our time to feel bright and refreshing. I can’t convey in words the way my heart just settles down when I see those coral pillows and the delicate flowers and that soft-gray panelling.

Of course there can be danger in putting too much stock on material things. A couch is just a couch and a TV is just a TV and in the end it won’t matter all that much. And other vital ingredients—like love and respect and happy memories—go into the process of making a house a home. But I think that investing time and effort and even money in a home you love does make a real difference. If you surround yourself with beauty, you will feel more peace.


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