When home sweet home is not what you imagined

CoffeeCatDogKid | When home sweet home is not what you imagined

When you’re preparing to buy a home you start with a list of wants and needs that usually looks something like this:

  • Near Liberty Park
  • Bungalow style
  • Basement
  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances

And on and on, until you can pretty much picture and describe every minute detail of the perfect house to anyone who asks.

But the perfect house is not the same as the perfect home, and if you’re like Alec and me, you will spend months combing through real estate websites and trolling open houses, and even the houses that check off most of your wish-list requirements just won’t feel right.

And then on a whim you’ll go see a house that’s not exactly what you had in mind, but when you step through the front door you will realize that this is your future home.

It might be a one-bedroom rambler with laminate counters and a white stove and no basement and it may not be anywhere near Liberty Park—but then there’s also the giant media room you couldn’t have even dreamed of, and the yard that’s more than twice the size of what you’d get in a different location, and beautiful new floors and a charming curb appeal and that floor-to-ceiling window that floods the living room with sunlight.

The house was built in 1955 but thanks to some attentive previous owners it’s in great condition. We could have moved straight in without making any big changes, but Alec and I decided that to truly feel at home we’d want to customize the paint colors on most of the walls and make a few other cosmetic adjustments.

So after getting our keys on July 11 we spent about a week cleaning, painting, and moving in the odd box here and there. Then my siblings, bless them, helped with the big furniture move on July 16.

Now we’re officially in the house! And bit by bit we have managed to unpack most of our boxes, place most of our furniture and paint most of the walls.

All that being said, we have a long way to go. I’m sure we won’t ever feel like we are completely done with house projects—as soon as we finish one big project there will always be another one to replace it. But finally we have a place that belongs entirely to us.

Stay tuned for before-and-after pictures of each room and project.


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