On Brexit: What the hell, England?

CoffeeCatDogKid | On Brexit: What the hell, England?

I stayed up late last night watching the votes tumble in, watching my country exercise its democratic right to vote itself out of the European Union.

Today is a win for xenophobia. Today is a win for fear. Today is a win for racism.

For those on my timeline unfamiliar with the vote, the United Kingdom held a referendum yesterday on whether to stay in the European Union or leave (BBC: All You Need to Know). And the result is crushing my heart—part of me even shed a tear. I believe strongly in democracy, and with all my frustrations at the American Democratic Party’s superdelegate system, I am proud of the democratic manner in which my country conducted itself, especially for a Prime Minister to call for a referendum he strongly campaigned against (PM David Cameron = Remain Campaign).

The people have spoken.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next as the UK negotiates its exit in the EU. What we do know for sure is that the £ to the $ exchange fell to its lowest rate in 30 years, the £ to the Euro is lower than I’ve ever seen it and is expected to drop 10-20% total, EU bank stock is in the trash can, and stocks the world over have fallen by more than 5% upon opening trades. It’s terrifying.

Economy aside, the social hate behind Brexit is embarrassing. But the people have spoken, and the decision has been made. And it is only with our 100% support that we must now move forward to make Britain’s future as bright as its past. If you voted Remain, and you truly love your country, now is the time to band together with our fellow citizens and residents and work to make this decision the best decision.

And if you know somebody who lives in the UK and isn’t British—take a moment to consider the fear they now live in until their future is decided.

It’s a xenophobic disaster.

The Leave Campaign has touted reasons of UK independence, anti-EU control, and a promise of a stronger British economy. Largely, though, the real reasons are anti-immigration, xenophobia, and racism. Baby-boomers with their free university, cheap housing, and good pensions voted overwhelmingly in the Leave camp, looking back at some mythical golden era that didn’t really exist. Millennials, we that will actually have to live with this decision for the next 75 years, have none of that—we look outwards to the future, and we have been thwarted by our elders.

It’s going to be a scary, unknown path with no European backup. What happens if the economy continues to tumble? I don’t see them bailing us out any time soon. So good luck to us with that.

And besides, Trump supports the Leave decision…are we really siding with Trump?

First of all, no, Scotland was not going wild over the vote. They voted at over 65% to STAY. Second, there is essentially NOBODY in the UK that wants to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Trump, apart from maybe our sweet little Trump Jr (a.k.a. Boris Johnson).

Proud to be British. But not today.

I’m proud to be British. I’m so impressed at how the Remain campaigners have rallied together and my Facebook timeline is a stream of supporters deciding to make the best of what is, for lack of a better word, a shitty decision. But today, I am sad and embarrassed to be British.

America, don’t follow this example, don’t let fear and xenophobia get the better of you this year: Do not vote Trump. We don’t need to “take our country back”, we need to look forward to an exciting, and extremely bright future.



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