What is a spending freeze & why do I desperately need one?

CoffeeCatDogKid | What's a spending freeze & why do I desperately need one?February 2016 marks a new challenge for us: it’s spending freeze time.

Do you ever feel like your budget has gone off track? Or do you ever look at those pesky spending analyses in your online banking and just think, “We spent HOW much on THAT!?”

That’s how Kelsey and I have felt a few times in the past several months, and it’s time to reset that budget!

Inspired by Kelsey’s sister, Kate Anderson (Small House Happy Family), we have initiated a 1-month-long spending freeze. Kelsey wasn’t best pleased when I announced my plans to join Kate in her endeavor, but she soon came around.

Now, this doesn’t mean we stop spending all our money. No, no. That wouldn’t work. But it means we only make purchases that are absolutely necessary!

So, why? What are the goals?
1. To break the bad spending habits we have.
2. To reset our budget for the year.
3. To better recognize how wasteful we really can be here in America and to appreciate how much we are lucky to have.
4. To inspire ourselves to clean and declutter our living space.

So over the course of the next 28 days (yes, February is the shortest month, how convenient), Kelsey and I will be cutting all the unnecessary purchases from our lives and will better monitor the things we do spend money on.

So what are we allowed to spend money on?
1. Groceries. We’ll even spend a little extra on groceries, to minimize the temptation of wanting to go out.
2. Bills. We’ll pay all our bills for the month like rent, utilities.
3. Any emergency costs, like medical costs, urgent transportation etc.

But we won’t be going out to eat, we’ll cut purchases like soda, coffee, and snacks at work, and we’ll limit how much we use our car; if we can use public transport to go somewhere, we have to do that.

We’ll let you know how it goes in a month from now. If you don’t hear from us, yes, you should send someone to see if we are still alive.


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