How we ended up in the one place we thought we’d never live again

CoffeeCatDogKid | How we ended up in the one place we thought we'd never live again
If you had told me at the beginning of 2014 that I would soon find myself engaged, married, and relocated from Utah to North Carolina—then to Tennessee—within the space of a year, I would have been mildly surprised. But I’d be like, “Yeah, okay. Makes sense.”

If you had told me that I would do all of that, then find myself moving BACK TO UTAH less than a year after first leaving, I would have laughed in your face. Not. A. Chance.

The one thing Alec and I always agreed on when we first got married was that we didn’t ever want to live full-time in the Beehive State. We’ll visit, we said. It’s got beautiful scenery, but it’s just not for us, we said.

Well stick a knife and fork in those sentences and serve them on a plate, because I guess it’s time for us to eat our words.

After many sleepless nights, a lot of careful planning, and even a thorough mind-map by Yours Truly, the Downs have decided to return to Utah.

Alec and I spent several months here trying to make it feel like home. After all, this IS my hometown. And Alec fell in love with it when he came to visit for the first time last year. We thought for sure it was the best place for us to make our home—especially since Alec got a great job here in the spring.

But just a week or two ago we went on a late-night walk and admitted to ourselves that no matter how hard we tried, Franklin just doesn’t feel like home.

Once we made that difficult concession, it was relatively easy to point at Utah and say, “This is the place.”

Believe it or not, Utah offers a lot of great possibilities in the way of lifestyle quality. Dual-immersion language programs in schools, incredible hiking and camping, close vicinity to lots of friends and family members, etc. Then there’s also the affordability factor!

Here’s everything else you need to know:

  • Alec has accepted a generous job offer at the University of Utah.
  • My real-estate-guru uncle has come through with a nice apartment in a fantastic SLC location.
  • We are leaving Tennessee on August 29, intending to arrive in Utah on the 30th!

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