Walking in a winter wonderland

The beautiful simplicity of a snow day
The beautiful simplicity of a snow day

You know that snow-day feeling you used to get when you were a kid? That moment, lying in bed, when you wake up and know somehow that today is different—maybe it’s the way the light comes through the blinds, or the stillness from the streets outside. Whatever it is, you know before you sit up and glance out the window and see the powder-filled treetops that today is a snow day.

Yet did that stop Alec and me? Not a chance. Eight o’clock in the morning—we climbed out of bed, bundled up in boots and scarves and gloves, and trekked outside for a snow-day walk.

Yeah, that feeling has never gone away for me. But I can’t say I wasn’t surprised to wake up with it this morning, even despite all the warnings from weather forecasts and meteorologists.

Six inches! In Durham, six inches can shut down the entire city. And so far today, it has mostly done just that. Duke University cancelled classes, grocery stores remain closed, and buses aren’t running.Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We walked in the middle of the largely untouched road. A handful of neighbors had also ventured into the snow. We greeted each other with a small dose of camaraderie, then all went our separate ways.

Alec and I wanted to see Duke Chapel in the snow. Not the shortest trip, from our side of campus to the other, but how often will we get the chance to see Duke covered in this kind of snowfall? So we wandered down Campus Drive, passing fallen trees and icy streams. At one point, Alec mused about the danger of snow weighing heavy on these towering trees; just then we heard a crack and watched a branch only yards away come crashing to the ground.

But eventually we reached the chapel. And the sight was worth every step.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hot chocolate next, from the campus McDonald’s, which only opened today because students have to eat something. A few minutes to warm ourselves, then the return trip to our neighborhood.

Now we’re sitting together in the apartment, keeping warm under the blankets. It may not be much compared to our Utah winters the last four years, but it sure is something.


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